Vision, Mission & Core Values

Harnessing all strength from its core, Tai Sin imbibes integrity through its high regard for loyalty through the upholding of corporate honesty and its ultimate expression, the practice of good business ethics.

Putting product quality and service excellence in precedence, Tai Sin exudes reliability seen through the consistent fulfillment of our corporate duties.

Tai Sin defines unity by complete embrace of teamwork through customer partnership. Our partnership is marked by mutual respect; we make good at communicating and acquiring knowledge from our patrons. This had allowed achievement to be experienced, not only by us, but also by our customers whom we aim to efficiently serve.

Guided by these core principles, Tai Sin caters to three key venues: our business as defined by profitability and cost saving, the environment that imbues in Tai Sin a consciousness that takes into consideration of the environmental impact of our proposed solutions and, of course, the society that we exist for.

All these configure to build a stronghold of sustainability that allows Tai Sin to building a safer tomorrow.

Our Vision
To Be A Leading Industrial Group That Contributes To A Safer Tomorrow

Our Mission
We Are Committed In Contributing To A Safer Tomorrow Through Our Products And Services. We Believe In Sustainable Development For Our Business And People, While Protecting The Environment And Contributing To Society

Our Core Values
We Treasure Loyalty, Uphold Honesty, And Practice Good Business Ethics

We Uphold Service Excellence, Take Pride In Our Product Quality And Ensure Commitments Are Duly Fulfilled

We Embrace Teamwork, Harmony And Mutual Respect With Our Customers, Suppliers, And Employees