Technician / Senior Technician

Duties and Responsibilities

Samples Preparation

  • Receive samples from clients and check against the request form:
    – Quantity,
    – Test standards,
    – Contact person,
    – Bill party & company details
    – Check the request form details is complete
    – Acknowledgment receipt to client
  • Store the samples at receiving area for testing:
    – Check and ensure that samples work request form copy is attached
    – Handover the original samples work request form to relevant person
  • Prepare the samples for testing according to the test standards:
    – Carry out safety checks and risk assessment
    – Sample shape and size
    – Conditioning of samples where required
    – Perform pre-testing procedures where required
    – Prepare datasheet

Samples Testing & Reports (Laboratory & Site)

  • Setup of appropriate testing equipment and environment
  • Conduct the test according to test standards and or SOP
  • Observe and record the test results, and take actions where needed:
    – Complete the datasheet
    – Pass samples are dispose or return to client
    – Fail samples be kept
    – Re-test where required
  • Prepare official test report for checking and endorsement

Equipment and Work Area Maintenance

Maintain the test equipment according to schedules:

  • Cleaning, greasing and oiling of equipment
  • Monitor equipment calibration schedules


  • Professional certificate / NiTEC & 3 years or above related working experience.

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