About Us

Group Profile

Tai Sin Electric Limited was established with the foresight and determination as a cable manufacturing business in 1980. Today, after over 39 years of strategic expansion and diversification, Tai Sin has emerged as a leading and trusted Industrial Group in Southeast Asia. Listed on the Stock Exchange of Singapore, SESDAQ in 1998, Tai Sin was subsequently transferred to the SGX Main Board in 2005.

Presently known as Tai Sin Electric Limited Group of Companies, the business is streamlined into four Business Segments, namely Cable & Wire (C&W), Electrical Material Distribution (EMD), Switchboard (SB) and Test & Inspection (T&I). These segments are well designed to meet the specific needs of our diverse customers ranging from end-users to contractors, manufacturers, system integrators, engineers and consultants. The business mix of the segments has allowed the Group to continue to achieve growth during difficult times.

The Group operates a highly successful network distributing electrical and control products, accessories and solutions to a wide range of local and regional industries which includes Malaysia, Vietnam, Brunei, Indonesia, Myanmar and Cambodia.

Vision & Mission


To be a leading Industrial Group that contributes to a safer tomorrow


We are committed to a safer environment through being a responsible and dependable cable producer

Core Values


We treasure loyalty, uphold honesty, and practise good business ethics


We uphold service excellence, take pride in our product quality and ensure commitments are duly fulfilled


We embrace teamwork, harmony and mutual respect with our customers, suppliers, and employees.

Sustainable Living Plan

  • Products that provide safety

    Our diverse range of products are in line with our strengths in providing reliability in areas of electrical and industrial safety protection. Products such as fire resistant cables, molded circuit breakers, safety sensors and personal protection equipment uphold the highest practical standards for our customers’ use.

  • Products that are safe to use

    We are committed to making sure our products meet the highest standards for safety and quality through our stringent manufacturing process. We also ensure that all other products we represent come from a reliable and reputable source, and comply with international quality and safety regulations.

  • Services that provide safety

    Our test and inspection service provides reliable and accurate testing, an integral part in ensuring that the condition of the facilities will be safe for use by both businesses and the public.